Green Way restaurant

Reducing my impact

I will join this great event: Days without Meat (“Dagen zonder Vlees”). No meat or fish for 40 days. Well, less… the goal is to reduce our ecological footprint. The days I do not eat meat or fish will be indicated in a calendar. A little green dot stands for a bit less CO2 emission and in the end a smaller ecological footprint. My profile is public, so i’ll do my best… 🙂

I admit that it is not my first time. I did it last year and even the year before I believe. But less consciously. I think I had about 20 days without meat/fish. I go for more this year. 🙂

I am not a big meat lover. We eat almost only chicken. So it should not be that hard to let it go for 40 days. But not eating it at all is different. And what about my breakfast and sandwich? Cheese and other vegetable stuff. Actually, I am looking forward to it. I like that it is not exclusive, you can participate as “much” as you can, every day counts. And it gives me the opportunity to explore other dishes and take the time to cook differently.

I will be reading “Eating Animals” by Jonathan Safran Foer. As a motivation. It has been lying around for a while now. This will be the ideal moment to read it. Reading the reviews makes me curious about how much meat I will be eating after the event…

Oh, I almost forgot, the event has a cool WordPress site, including BuddyPress. And that you get a free meal in Green Way if you join the event. Check out the picture above and hurry! 🙂