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  • Speaking at WordCamp Antwerp 2018

    I found WordPress in 2013. I have created my profile page on February 4, just about 5 years ago. I was new to web design and very happy to be able to use open source WordPress and start creating websites. I was very much into web design and development, and I still am. The excitement of learning […]

  • Balancing family life and kids with work

    WP Tavern has published a great post about balancing family life, and especially kids, with work and improving your professional skills. It sounds very familiar! 🙂 I have started to be involved in web development when we were expecting our second child, Noah. 4 years and another little girl (Kato) later, we have 3 children […]

  • Times change

    Back in the old days our bags were checked when leaving a shopping centre, nowadays they are when we enter…

  • Two cows in a bath tub

    One of these days I was talking with my oldest daughter. I had this idea of finding some good jokes, just for fun.

  • Why I started a blog

    A blog feels like a diary I’ve never had… From writing songs to blogging in one small step.

  • In a song, about my children

    You’re older now but still so small My little children forever more Gorgeous princess, mighty knight, Never lose your childlike mind.

  • Reducing my impact

    Reducing my impact

    I will join this great event: Days without Meat (“Dagen zonder Vlees”). No meat or fish for 40 days. Well, less… the goal is to reduce our ecological footprint. The days I do not eat meat or fish will be indicated in a calendar. A little green dot stands for a bit less CO2 emission and in […]