I’m Csaba Varszegi

Everything is possible, even the impossible.

Mary Poppins

I am web designer and developer, living near Antwerp, Belgium. I have a lovely wife, Sarah, and 3 children: Hanna (2010), Noah (2012) and Kato (2015). We live near beautiful Antwerp.

My kids: Hanna, Noah & Kato
Hanna, Kato & Noah
Noah, Kato & Hanna, a couple of years later, but with the same socks

I studied bioscience engineering in Leuven. I work in Brussels as a communication-IT-website-application-something.

I started web development when Noah was born. As a web developer I’m learning every day. And that brings me to the things I like to do in my spare time: building sustainable websites and playing music.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

Eleanor Roosevelt

Web development

I love to use semantic HTML, modern CSS compiled from SASS, lightweight JavaScript to progressively enhance interaction. I have written a fair amount of PHP and MySQL, too. And a lot of WordPress stuff. I have contributed to and love to work with WordPress. Recently, I contributed to the Twenty Nineteen and Twenty Twenty-One WordPress default themes.

As LittleBigThings, I build mostly WordPress websites and small web applications. I create minimal and easy-to-use little big things to keep our web sustainable.

What I’ve been working on recently

I have contributed recently to Twenty Twenty-One, the latest WordPress default theme with full support for the new block editor (Gutenberg) and CSS custom properties and all fancy, but light stuff.

I did a presentation about the Twenty Nineteen theme for the Antwerp WP meetup on January 17, 2019 and the Hasselt WP meetup on April 1 2019. It was ambitiously called The possibilities of WordPress in Twenty Nineteen 🎉.

You can read a short recap on it here, together with a bunch of links to Gutenberg related stuff.


I have a little blog called Global Warning where I write about the impact of the internet and related technologies on our environment and health.

Of course, I write blog posts about WordPress on this blog. 🙂

Guitar & music

I have been a guitar player for most of my life. I love to write my own music, although I do not succeed making enough time for it. Also, inspiration strikes unexpectedly and rarely. 🙂
So I listen to music a lot. I think Joe Satriani and Andy Timmons are great guitar players, Jef Neve an awesome piano player and ColdplayTamino, Cold War KidsPuggy, Novastar and Absynthe Minded cool bands. I like to listen to jazz while working.

But what about you?

Let me know who you are.