Hi, I’m a sustainable & minimalist web designer

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  • Global Warning: a WordPress blog with a tiny footprint

    In a previous post, I explained how I created a site about global warming a couple of years ago that loaded in as little as 7 kb per page. I decided that I wanted to make more of the idea of a slim website and its minimal impact on the environment.

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  • A site with a tiny footprint about global warming

    A couple of years ago, I participated in a contest called 10k apart. The purpose was to build a site that is useable, accessible, compatible with older browsers and can load in less than 10 kb. In this post I tell you the story of the site I created.

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  • Building a presentation in the WordPress Customizer

    In my talk at WordCamp Antwerp 2018, I tried to summarize the benefits of the Customizer for users as well as for designers and developers. For this, I built a presentation in the Customizer. In this post I am showing you how you can create a presentation using the presentation theme (WordPresent) I created.

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About me

I enjoy creating simple, uncluttered and sustainable websites with a small footprint.
I love contributing to WordPress.


Carbon Footprint plugin

I am working on a plugin that brings the information from the Website Carbon Calculator to WordPress’ Site Health feature. We, the Sustainability Team, hope to raise awareness about digital sustainability this way.


The prize of Dutch literature

I have built the website for the organisation of the ‘Prijs der Nederlandse Letteren’ to easily enable them to put new laureates in the picture and keep an archive of past winners of the prize

Global Warning


I’ve designed and built a site for CAFYR, a project at the University of Antwerp about age in children’s books.


I am working on the story and the brand identity of my small company, LittleBigThings.
I am further optimising the greener infrastructure to launch, host and support WordPress websites.

When people talk about travelling to the past, they worry about radically changing the present by doing something small. But barely anyone in the present really thinks that they can radically change the future by doing something small.